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P4M Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Dear Customer Please Note: By signing with P4M, have agreed to all the service conditions of this Agreement. If you do not agree to these conditions, your account will not be activated .

Joining P4M.

By filling out the Registration form, you are agreeing to become a customer and must abide to the terms of this Agreement. Your signing with P4M is just to get the product and commissions on purchases by individuals who will join in your marketing team.

By filling out the Registration form you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, understood, and agreed on them.

Terms of agreement

The terms of this agreement begins when you accept to join P4M and will end when it is terminated by either party. Either you or P4M can terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party a written notice of termination.

P4M has the right to change any of this terms for any reason fit it and in its own discretion reserves.

To become a P4M's customer

The customer must be at the legal age in his area to register with the P4M.

P4M reserves the right to accept and / or refused the customer without giving any reason or explanation for this rejection. P4M does not accept any challenge to the rejected cases.

P4M customer is not an employee, agent, representative, or has any advantages from the company, and agrees not to inflict any obligation, debt, accounted for, or on behalf of P4M and it website . He / she is authorized to only buy products from P4M and / or sign new customers  according to P4M's conditions set forth in this document of service.

All customers of P4M are eligible to take advantage of commissions and / or bonuses according to plan.

Pay all taxes and / or tariffs applicable will be the responsibility of the customers in their countries.

There is an annual fees worth $ 20

Customer's responsibilities.

 P4M expects from its customers to market the products and the plan in a set of rules and ethical standards set by the society to all P4M's potential customers.

 P4M against customers who sell or promote other customers for similar products or services or competition or indication or sign other customers for any other marketing programs or company.

It is understood that although the customer may refer other customers in the P4M plan, the program does not allow customers to take advantage of Activity refer for other customers. You are paid commissions only on the registration of new customer successfully in the plan.

Note that no promise or guarantee that the customers will get any income or defined profits as a customer. It is understood that any income earned by the customer at P4M is determined by the personal activity of the customer as an independent and within the company's plan. Customers realize that the commission only paid to qualified customers / him or her / to their downlines and uplines . The customer will not be able to earn any income except those provided for in the official website. https://www.phoenix4marketing.com/

The customer also understands that income as displayed on the site are only demonstrates the potential earnings. There are no guarantees.

 P4M prohibits to display unrealistic income figures and false data to create the temptation to refer new customers.

There are no restrictions on areas or privileges of the plan and not any restrictions on  P4M customers which can be refer many new customers, but all customers are personally responsible for their decision and must submit to all applicable laws and regulations in their countries.


Product order

All products are purchased directly from the P4M.

P4M system identifies the customer by name on the account.

Customers are responsible for their decision to purchase from P4M.

Provide a password to the new customer is the responsibility of the identifier after the confirmation of registration.

To ensure payment plan on a daily basis, the deadline for the closure of registration is at midnight each day according to G.M.T .

Customers can order products through the full payment or through other methods of payment.

Full payment:

The customer who paid in full payment will receive the product within the specified time next to the product in the Home page.

other methods of payment:

To provide flexibility, P4M allows customers to purchase through the P4M Easy Payment Program.

You can pay part payment and you will have the account, but the product will not be shipped to you until you pay the remaining product's price and your account will be negative to the amount that remains for your product

The maximum number of accounts per partner is only 3.

Payment to the P4M

Any  cash payment to P4M is the responsibility of the customer. P4M accepts payments from the authorized country agent throw money transfer , as described in the agent agreement.

The minimum cash transfers to the company is $ 5000. And you have to send an email to: admin@phoenix4marketing.com to inform about the transferred amount and account number, which will be sent electronic money to him.

Customers will pay the expenses of sending money and the company will send an electronic money equal to the amount received.


Customers can also use their commissions to buy product.

Delivering the product:

 P4M and its agents are using reliable courier services to deliver the products.

Delivery fees must be paid by the customer at the time of purchase the product, which can range from $ 0 to $ 100, according to the area of every customer. P4M will not be responsible for all local customs duties and taxes or value-added tax imposed on customers in their home country laws.

Products that have been returned to P4M because of incorrect address, phone number, or any other reason, such as available customer's receipt etc .... would cost customer delivery fee + return shipping fee (varies from one area to another) if the customer's request to return the product shipment.

It is highly recommended to customers to provide the correct address with all requests made at the registration page. Address details valid means fast delivery products.

Exceptional cases where the products not deliver to destination because of complex customs rules and regulations, the customers must get the product themselves from the nearest service center or authorized country agent. P4M will not be liable for any travel or other expenses incurred by the customer for its products in this case.

All information provided by customers is strictly confidential between P4M and its customers and can never be compromised under any circumstances.


Vouchers are giving to customers within P4M plan these vouchers are non-transferable

Vouchers can be used to request P4M products.

Vouchers cannot be transfer to electronic money.

Account Transfer:

P4M account, like any accounts or other assets can be transferred or even passing it. The Account is transferable according to the terms of the alternative, and in the absence of an alternative at all, it is transferred to the heirs according to the laws of inheritance applicable between the countries.

Account ownership transfer can be performed online by sending an email to admin@phoenix4marketing.com and will cost $ 20.

Commission payment:

All newly confirmed orders is being handled by P4M on a daily basis. P4M pay the commission to the qualified customers as follows:

Commissions paid within 24 hours from registrations deadline.

The commission automatically deposited in commissions Bank (report), however, customers can request Money Order (TT) or checks from the company, the company will pay half the fees for money transfer order or checks but the converted value must be in the commissions Bank not in the Phoenix bank and minimum transfers is $ 500

If any money order or checks is return to P4M due to an error in the bank account information or address, the customers will pay for resend the money by (TT)or checks ..

Money transfer :

P4M provided free funds transfer from one account to another  for customer's convenience, The misuse of this service may result in the suspension of your account.

Make sure you know the customer who gets money from it through money transfer option.

The company has the right to suspend all accounts that are involved in illicit money transactions.

As a customer of P4M, you are responsible for any funds transferred to and from your account. The company will not accept excuses like you are unable to locate a customer who sold you the e-money.

It is your duty to inform P4M If you find that the money has been transferred from or to your account without your knowledge.

The company will suspend all accounts involved in the transfers until recovering full amount by the victim.


Customers Duties:

The customer is responsible for any content sent over any means of communication to P4M

Customers can not use the Site or its contents or other data that belong to P4M:

In any illegal activity.

Damage intentionally

Misrepresentation or falsification of identification cards.

Alter or remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights or any part of the Site or other presentations without written permission

Advertising and promotion:

Customers are not allowed to advertise P4M products, use any scripts written / recorded or any other promotional material may involved the company in any way.

The customer may submit a written request to P4M to agree granting him the right to any advertising or promotional practices and must provide copies of materials to P4M to have written approve for these practices through an authorized agent.

Text that has been created for the product and the company is a customer full responsibility and P4M will not have anything to do with it.


 P4M guarantee the quality of any product carrying P4M name and testify that the products manufactured under the company's management achieve high levels of quality and has been through several certificates for Quality Assurance

We strongly advises customers to return any defective product within a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt by .then it will debit from the customer.

Please in case of any problem in the products do not hesitate to write to products@phoenix4marketing.com


Each customer must maintain his account passwords and other security information secretly, and he has to notify  P4M immediately if the customer believes that the security of his account has been compromised. P4M taken reasonable steps to protect the security of online transactions. However, P4M cannot guarantee the security in place and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any security breaches.

Customer Termination

The customer may voluntarily end this Agreement by sending written notice at any time and for any reason. If the customer choose to terminate the agreement with P4M, she or he will not be able to participate with P4M for a period of one month if they wish to rejoin P4M. If the customer joined again in violated this policy P4M will terminate the agreement and would not allow him or her to earn any commissions from the new account.

P4M reserves the right to terminate a customer who has violated this or any of written laws in each country and / or regulations that relate to such acts and this termination give P4M the right to continue through justice prosecution.

Customer information

 P4M allows customers to change and update their data at any time by themselves. P4M provides tools for customers to fully manage their accounts, the commissions owed, update their personal information, personal and collective sales activities.

Commission Step :

1. Please note that if you exceed the sales limit for your plan per day, the unpaid sales will become zero on both sides.

2. The system will cut 10% of your earnings from binary plan on a daily basis and converted to vouchers

3. Vouchers are not transferable to another account, nor are recovered in cash.

4. Earned vouchers will appear in Vouchers statement.

5. you can use vouchers to buy special products from the company


Commissions statement

1. It is the customer's responsibility to display ,print  and / or download the commissions  statement accordingly, and it is also highly recommended that the customers print copy of the commission statement for saving.

2. All unpaid steps that was forwarded from the previous day also must appear in the unpaid sales.

3. It is the responsibility of all P4M customers to read, understand and verify the commission statement. Customers must notify the accounting department in P4M for any error or omission within seven (7) days from the date, and then the company will not be responsible for any claim that may arise.


Service Guarantee:

  P4M guarantee the quality of any product carrying P4M name and testify that the products manufactured under the company's management achieve high levels of quality and has been through several certificates for quality assurance. However, if for any reason, the customer discovered the product manufacturing defective, P4M is ready to replace the product with the same product or a product of equal or lesser value chosen by the customer. P4M at the same time will not be responsible for damage to the product resulting from the shipping and delivery and the customer must accept such shipment, P4M will not be responsible to replace the product to the customer.

Conditions for changing your information:

Primary E-mail:

Please note that to change your primary e-mail. You must send an email to admin@phoenix4marketing.com

Attaching a copy of your identity card , old and new email address. The admin will verify the information and make the change

This service fees $ 5.

Change of ownership:

Please note that to change the ownership of the account. Send an email to admin@phoenix4marketing.com

Attaching a copy of your identity card and fill your old and new information, as in the sign-up page

This service fees $ 5

Mother's name request :

Please note that to request the mother's name. Send an email to admin@phoenix4marketing.com

Attaching a copy of your identity card

This service fees $ 5


Change the account name:

Please note that to change your account name. Send an email to admin@phoenix4marketing.com

Attaching a copy of your identity card , the old and the new name with your confidential information

(Password, secret answer, PIN code )

The admin will change your account name after verifying your information

This service fees $ 15.


Please understand that due to pressure on the company's mails. E-mails can be delayed to respond to a maximum 7 days from the date of sending the e-mail.



1 - the company expects from its customers to exercise their work in an ethical manner

2 - it will be considered each customer is committed to the company's final terms as soon as finishing sign up, and has no right to appeal or discuss its general policy

3 - the customer does not have the right to modify (delete / add) on the company 's training and education system, or use the company's publications and materials training or part of it in any other work without approval from the company's directors, and customer will punish if it is proven, which may lead to close the account

4 - the customer does not have the right to respond to any question by another customer without knowing the answer, and the customer does not have the right to establish any training activity, educational, motivational in any form without written reference and consultation from his up line, or by Send e-mail to his up line or to company's support from his primary e-mail, and any mistakes resulting from it the customer's account will suspend

5 - A customer does not have the right to create, publish training materials or job offers or presentations explaining the opportunity, or part of it without going back to his up line or by writing to the company's support .

6 - Customer is responsible  legally and financially, in case of breach any of these terms and he is binding to compensates his down liners for the damage caused because of the excesses, and the company has the right to take appropriate action (without an interception) after viewing the financial commitment toward his down liners or the company.

7. Moving to other company will lead to close  customer's account.

8. Moving between sides :

* When any partner request for closing his account for transport to other side there is a condition , the condition is not to have any people that is considered a direct referral to him/her and have an activated accounts .

* In case the moving customer has no customers. He/she  has the right to move to another Side, after sending an email to the admin  to brief him on the decision to move attaching his name and account number, and it will lead to close the old customer account

9. Any abuse to the company or its owners or trainers or harm the reputation of any kind and in any form, the customer account will close will face a legal and judicial prosecution

10. Any unethical conduct like fraud or theft in the name of the company or reporting false information the customer account will close will face a legal and judicial prosecution

In case of violation of the terms of service and the business ethic the costumer  will be punish according to the following :

1. Oral alert by an upline ranked Coach

2. Written alert from the support section

3. Closing the account for a week period

4. Closing the account for two weeks period

5. Closing the account for one month period

6. Closing the account for final and lasting period .

Notes :

1. The above punishments are total and cumulative, the customer who record an oral alert for a violation for one reason  and committed another one in a different reason . The deserved punishment will be a Written alert and not an oral one as it consider a violation for another reason .

2. The Company has the right to choose the appropriate punishment according to the violation size and it might be " Closing the account for final and lasting period " without passing the previous punishments

3. The company will do a series of investigation before applying any punishment like asking the violator customer by sending an official email to him / her

4. The violation without proof and it been approval by two uplines one of the has "in-service rank" or above considered a real violation and the violator customer will be punish according to the punishments sequence.

5. The upline who hide the customer's violations when he/she asked will consider as a partner in the violations and will submit to the punishments sequence.

6. The profits will be generated in the closed account will be confiscate by the company during the closing period.

7. The company's goal of these actions is to preserve the rights of all, and to improve the services provided to its customers, and raise the business  standard in general, and it has not no intention or wish to punish or restrict anyone , we consider all our customers are its big family and its ambassadors around the world and will be proud of their development in quality and quantity